Beam Camp 2021

A Universe

This is our Beam Camp Project Development Process!  It contains the Sketching of our Ideas, Prototyping of Materials and Research of Techniques.  It also contains Activities for you to do at home prior to Camp!

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Gourd Symbolism
Wattle and Daub
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Update - Due to COVID-19, A Universe was rescheduled for Summer 2021.  For Covid-related cautionary information pertaining to Beam Camp, please see the Beam Center site for updates on Guidelines for Camps provided by the American Camp Association and the CDC.

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Info on the Designer -
Ye Qin Zhu


Wattle and Daub

This is a natural building technique that utilizes a woven understructure for the walls (usually using locally sourced sticks, reeds or bamboo) that is then covered with Cob.  We could draw on some of these techniques to get more structural integrity for the gourd shape of A Universe.  

Wattle and Daub construction has been used around the world for at least 6000 years.  Examples of wattle and daub construction can been seen from Central Europe, Western Asia, Africa and the Americas.  Many historic wattle and daub buildings are still standing!  

As a building method that is adaptable to the materials available, it is an exciting technique to use at Camp for A Universe.  

Morgan is in the process of making a small domed structure to test the wattle and daub method using local white pine branches.  

For A Universe, we plan to use bent and welded rebar for the basic structure, then weave a lattice of found branches to create a strong, tightly knit surface to apply our cob finish.  

Stay tuned for an at-home project to try weaving and wattle and daub!