Beam Camp 2021

A Universe

This is our Beam Camp Project Development Process!  It contains the Sketching of our Ideas, Prototyping of Materials and Research of Techniques.  It also contains Activities for you to do at home prior to Camp!

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Gourd Symbolism
Wattle and Daub
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Soil Shake Test
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Update - Due to COVID-19, A Universe was rescheduled for Summer 2021.  For Covid-related cautionary information pertaining to Beam Camp, please see the Beam Center site for updates on Guidelines for Camps provided by the American Camp Association and the CDC.

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Info on the Designer -
Ye Qin Zhu



The walls of A Universe will need to rest on some kind of Foundation, meaning something to keep the cob from sitting directly on the ground. 

Geographically, Beam Camp is situated in a climate zone where the freezing and thawing effect of Winter could cause the ground to shift to a degree where structures can rupture.

A Rubble Trench!

This involves digging a trench where the walls will hit the ground.  The trench is then filled with rock ‘rubble’, creating excellent drainage and no chance of standing water.  Larger stones are placed on top of the rubble to create a solid surface to attach the walls.  

Another excellent thing about cob is that, as an organic, easily sculptable material, incorporating the stone base into the cob wall can be a design element all it’s own!  See some examples below: