Beam Camp 2021

A Universe

This is our Beam Camp Project Development Process!  It contains the Sketching of our Ideas, Prototyping of Materials and Research of Techniques.  It also contains Activities for you to do at home prior to Camp!

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Gourd Symbolism
Wattle and Daub
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Window Instruments
Casting Instrument Parts

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Soil Shake Test
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Update - Due to COVID-19, A Universe was rescheduled for Summer 2021.  For Covid-related cautionary information pertaining to Beam Camp, please see the Beam Center site for updates on Guidelines for Camps provided by the American Camp Association and the CDC.

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Info on the Designer -
Ye Qin Zhu

Project Designer - Ye Qin Zhu

“When we step into the gourd, we are reminded to step into ourselves, to inhabit ourselves respectfully and purposefully.  
Our bodies are sites for perceiving the universe, and the perceiver - each of us -  is A Universe.”

A Universe” is a giant bottle gourd made of Earth - cob and lime plaster.  Cob is one of the oldest and toughest building materials, some of its structures date back millennia and are still standing today.”

“When it rains, water streams into channels carved on its outside walls and down to the windows, where there are instruments that fill up, tip, spill, hit notes, and make music.”

“You can enter at either of the two ends; inside, there are large feet, hands, and heads lining the walls, resembling a body turned outside in.”

“According to Taoists the universe is bottle gourd shaped, resembling the number 8 (the mobius strip; infinity).“